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10 Must-Have Accessories for your New Car

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are the Must-Have Accessories for your New Car? Now this might be a debatable topic between many people while we talk about accessories.

Generally there are many Car buyers who want to buy a Car considering the budget factor. And to reduce the budget they mainly ignore the accessories filled in upper versions. Or you can say that to meet such type of demand only every Car company is launching their cars in various versions among which the lower versions are nothing but Only the Car with the minimum must have car accessories list.

Must-Have Accessories for your New Car

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What do I mean here by the word "Only the Car" is you have to compromise in luxury, comfort and the feel of a new car. Buying a new Car is not only about to drive the car, you should equip the car with few basic accessories so that it can take care of you and your family's need while you are on a long trip. In Indian market you will get Car with base version without AC and even power steering. But if you think wisely the difference between the base version and the immediate upper version with the basic accessories may be 20-30 K max based on various Car brand and Car type. Off-course there are many luxury Accessories which will add more of your style quotient, but here we will list out the necessary car Accessories that you should have while Buying a Car.

Before proceeding further let me share my experience here also. When I finalized that I will go for Honda Brio only, I decided to go for the Brio ExMT version which is coming nearly 5.13 Lack with a single din music system, front power windows and few more features. But later on when I further researched about more accessories I came to know the importance of rear parking censor, defogger etc. Then I checked the upper version and found that Brio SMT is equipped with almost all necessary accessories except safety ones. And I did some bur-gaining and also got some more accessories at the cost of 35k more. So that is how I understood the importance of paying those extra 35k by choosing the SMT version. But yes I have compromised the safety factors, which may be a question mark for many people.

10 Must Accessories your New Car should have

1) Floor Mats: You should have floor mats and dickey mats which should come with a Car by default accessories. Almost every brand provide them as free.
2) Seat Covers: It's better to have seat covers to protect your Car seats as well as to improve your seating comfort. Mainly if you have kids it's better to use them.
3) Music System: I think this is one of the most useful tool while travelling for long trip. Your family can enjoy music and the journey. Without an Audio system I can't imagine a 3-4 hour journey.
4) Parking Sensor : This may not be so important, but if you are new learner it will be your best friend very soon. As parking is one of the toughest thing in the early stage of driving.
5) Power Windows: It's not an essential thing to drive a car, but you can enjoy the smile of your kids when they are enjoying operating this feature.
6) Mud Guards: They are very useful to keep your Car back mud and scratch free from the mud carried by the rear wheels.
7) Power Steering : This is a must from a Driving comfort and fun point of view. Although this should be a mandatory in all versions but we can see that there are many hatchback Cars who don't have power steering in the base version. E.g. Hyundai EON D version.
8) AC : Now you should not compromise this feature at-least. AC is must while you take your family for a drive in the city or long trip. You should not compromise this comfort for few bucks.
9) Height Adjuster: This is a very useful accessory, but you may have to spend a quite high amount as this is not available in lower version of cars. In case your family has different size of people who can drive the car then this is really helpful to provide individuals a perfect driving comfort.
10) Pre-caution: You should have a first-aid KIT, Fire extinguisher, Tyre puncture repairing kit, Stephanie and a comprehensive tool kit with the Car.

This is not the end of the list. The accessory topic is too big and if you have budget then you can really enjoy having various accessories. Anyway I will take one accessory at a time and try to explain how they are useful with maximum detail in separate posts in coming days.

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Now you may think that let me buy the Car first and then gradually will buy the accessories one by one. Many people do like this only which may be a good deal for you. But you never know that you might compromise with quality product or your car health. Now a day there are many coupon sites where you can save money on purchase of car accessories online.

Why it is always better to have the accessories in-build rather than fitting from outside?

1) You accept or not the Engineers who build the Car are the best mechanic of the world from the car point of view. So when they include some accessories with the Car you can believe them blindly and enjoy the quality. But if you fit the same from outside there is always a chance of a mistake which might lead to other problem in coming days.
2) Another point is that when you buy the car you receive a warranty and insurance cover for the in-build components. Now assume while incorporating the power windows or Audio system if the mechanic disturb the electronic-circuit, then you will loose the warranty or the insurance part of that segment. So there is always a risk.

Anyway it's always up to the buyer and his/her priorities, how s/he think before deciding the car version. But this is what I learnt during my car purchase journey and for which I have decided to pay extra 35 K to have all the necessary accessories. Not only that the Pride Honda dealer provide almost 17K more accessories to complete my list. I can say now it's a complete car which can take care of all my needs.
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