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Honda Brio Versions Comparison - EMT Vs SMT Vs VMT

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Sunday, June 29, 2014

This post is mainly to highlight various versions of Honda Brio and what are the extra accessories you are going to have on various versions. From driving point of view the basic segment EMT is enough as Honda Brio is equipped with power steering in all versions. This is one very good point I have noticed. During my research I found almost every first version of Car in any brand in this segment does not have power steering, which should be a must for any Car these days. But Honda is maintaining the driving technology for all versions so that every type of customers can enjoy the amazing Honda technology.

honda brio version comparison

Anyway I have started with the EMT versions, but I need a music system. Then I moved to ExMT version where I found in-build 1 DIN Audio system which does not look good with the dashboard but it fulfills the requirement of a music system in Car. Besides that in EXMT version you will also get Body colour door handle and rear view mirror, which makes my wife happy. This ExMT version is around 20K extra than the EMT version. Now you may think for this 1 DIN audio this 20K may not be worthy as from outside we can easily fit a double din SONY system at a less price. But again it's coming with the Car which will be under Honda warranty. So based on your requirement and perception you can choose between these 2 versions.

Why I found Brio SMT is the best package and a value for money deal
But I was not satisfied with music system with extra 20K. But I don't need the EMT version also as I can't buy the empty Car. So I have decided to go up one version and I started checking SMT version. But here I have to spend around 50K extra beyond my initial budget. Then I started listing out the accessories, I will get with this 50K extra and I found SMT version has couple of features more than the ExMT which looks worth for me. These are ....
1) a complete Double DIN audio system with front & rear speakers ( now the dashboard looks complete )
2) Front/Rear Mud-guards
3) Steering mounted Audio control which I really liked and felt that the Car control is now in my hand
4) Chrome finish in AC vents, Steering Wheel, Gear knobs which really improve the interior look
5) Defogger, which is a must in rainy days and winter season. Honda Brio does not have rear wiper, which I felt also is a must.
6) Driver seat height adjuster, which makes my wife happy as now she can also drive by adjusting the seat as per her flexibility.
7) Key-less entry, the most essential feature of a Car these days.
8) Power windows in front and rear side
9) Electrically adjustable rear side mirror which are really useful feature when its required to adjust the rear windows from inside.
10) Besides these you will also get Accessory socket, Rear parcel tray, Seat Back pocket, Vanity mirror etc.

After that I have bargained for more accessories to make the deal perfect for me and I was successful to include Dual tone Seat covers, Door mats, Car cover, Rear parking sensors. So I feel this 50K extra cost completed my Car with almost all necessary accessories. I know still safety features doesn't include in this version, but I already spend 50K more than my budget. Now again you decide what you need.

Now the final versions are VMT and VxMT which are almost same versions with few differences. The major advantages of V series Brio over S is the safety features like Airbags, ABS with EBD, Tilt steering etc. I was not ready to spend more 50K for these features as I know my driving requirements and driving style. But off-course safety features are must if you don't have a budget issue. I hope in coming day at-least Airbags should be must from the base version itself.

If you want to compare Honda Brio versions with various Technical details and price then visit Carwale.com website and find out more details. This is a very good website where you can compare the Cars side by side.