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Which Car to Buy in India under Small Cars Segment

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are you ready to buy yourfirst car? But which car to buy? You might be thinking couple of similar questions that I have faced while bought my first car.
  • Which is the best car in India under small cars segment?
  • Should I buy a diesel or petrol engine car?
  • What are the cars under budget of 5 lakh?
  • Should I buy from a trusted brand or try to buy from a new brand?
Which Car to Buy in India under Small Cars Segment

My First Crush

Frankly speaking, I was not too fond of expensive cars before I have started researching. I was always in a mindset that, I will buy a low cost car to improve my driving. But I was also sure that, I am not going to buy a Tata Nano or Maruti 800.

In such a scenario, when I first found Hyundai EON, I couldn’t resist myself. In fact I have decided to buy the the car as soon as I discover the price of EON, which was less than 4 lakh on road including tax.

Few Suggestions from my well wishers

When I was facing these questions and not able to decide which car I should buy, I approached to my friends for suggestions. Check out what my friends have suggested to me.

Suggestion 1: Don’t buy an 800CC car, as it will not be able to provide you the desired power to drive comfortably. When you drive putting Air conditioner on, you will find it very difficult to accelerate the car.

Suggestion 2: If your car budget is less than 6 lakhs, then its better to go with a trusted brand like Maruti. Many people will convince you that Maruti Suzuki Swift is the only choice left in this small hatchback segment.

Suggestion 3: This point is regarding buying an used car. I found mixed reactions when I ask about this. Couple of my friends were telling, as a beginner it is better to buy a 2nd hand car and then drive it for few years to become an expert driver. Few of them are also saying that, one should not buy an used car, as you never know what problem the car may give.

Suggestion 4: As all the hatch back segment cars are similar in features & power, it is better to go with the one who provide better mileage, enough space etc. I found this as a very broad kind of suggestion rather helping in anyway.

The Car Buying Trend in India

There are plenty of cars launching every year in India, as the demand for four wheelers has been increased significantly. As mostly I will talk about hatch back segment cars in this blog, one can buy a hatchback with a price tag of Rs 2 lakh to even 20 lakh also.

In our country, people usually buy a car driven by couple of types of emotion or conditions. Let me share few such facts or Car buying trend in our country.
  • After the launch of Tata Nano, many people felt that it is worth to buy a car than buy a bike. At least it will protect you from rain.
  • A middle class person with an average salary is always dream about ALTO. Even if he/she is able to increase the budget, they will go for ALTO only, due to the Maruti factor.
  • I found many big families in our country is also continuing with ALTO or old Maruti 800cc, instead of upgrading their current car, even if the budget is not always the issue.
  • The young generation, who spend quite some time playing high tech car racing games, dreaming about BMW, VOLVO etc finding it difficult to buy a car in this segment, as the can't find an eye can't find an eye catching design within their budget.
  • There are also people who love to explore new companies & their products and try to buy a car beyond common concepts.
  • The last point is about the fuel efficiency. This is a factor which drive most of the selling of a car in India, at least in hatch back segment. People are also showing huge interest to buy diesel version of such cars, as they provide better mileage.

Finally How I have decided to buy my first Car

After brain storming for next couple of days, I have listed out few of the basic criteria based on which I think one should buy a car in India.
  • Decide the price bracket or budget and start exploring the cars
  • What kind of driver you are? For what use you are going to buy the car?
  • How far is the nearest service center from your home? How many service centers are available?
  • How much power & fuel efficient your vehicle is?
  • Is your car used by many people? Is it a very popular car in India?

These are the few questions, I tried to answer and found Honda Brio is the car which matches with every requirement I am having right now. Honda Brio is a small Hatch back car from a very reputed brand Honda with enough space inside, stylish look and with maximum power within this segment.

So, which is your favorite car? Based on what criteria you are going to buy your first car? Share your experience & feedback here by writing a simple comment below.