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Honda Brio Ownership Experience - Complete Review

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Monday, June 30, 2014

Are you planning to buy Honda Brio as your first Car? But not at all satisfy with the currently available online honda brio user review India ? Then check out the complete Honda Brio ownership experience review of mine in this blog.

This article is all about how I bought my first Car, Honda Brio SMT. My complete Journey from a beginner to a car owner. This entire journey has motivated me in such a way that I have decided to document the entire experience with all my learning and experiences.

Before proceeding further I would like to thank few Car Forums who helped me to gather knowledge about a Car. They are team-bhp.com, theautomotiveindia.com, cardekho.com . I used to read them and follow them like crazy during those research period. And finally got the inspiration to start this small blog to share my knowledge and experience with my Honda Brio, hope my honest attempt will be useful for people who are planning to buy their New car.

my honda brio ownership experience

What a Car mean to me and others in our country?
In our country, buying a Car means a lot to people. Most of us feel this is a status or style statement, on the other hand many people think it's the need of their family. In fact everyone is correct at their own place. With the various category of Cars available in the current market, you can find out your own reason to buy a car. If you have a tight budget then also you have options for buying a cheaper car to fulfill your need. On the other hand if you have enough budget then Indian market is more than enough for you; and you will be 100% confused to decide which one to buy as every month New cars are launching with new features, new design and many other things.

My Feeling of Having Honda Brio:
But as a common Car buyer in our country where majority of people look for the hatchback segment, I will try to share the mentality or the feeling of what most of the Indians feel when it's time to buy a car. My father is 60+ and yet to buy a car and I know this is the story of many families in India. But I am fortunate enough than him as I am able to buy my first Car at the age of 30 only. Generation is really changing and I will not at all be surprised if my kid demand for a car at the age of 16-20 yrs. Anyway here I want to say that the feeling of owning a car means a lot to Indians. I hope you will agree with me that after our family if we are going to love someone like crazy it will be the car :) Yes, I am also feeling that this Red Hot brio will not only be my but also my family's best friend and most lovable one in coming days. She will take us to our desired places, She will protect us from harsh Sunlight, Dust, Rain and give my KID a homely feeling. I know now he will not remain silent and no need to feel tired during a long drive as he can play, eat and even sleep in the Car. So the feeling of owning the car is simply un-explainable and I hope I will be able to share more about my new love-story in coming days.

Is the Journey to choose a car is easy?
If you have a straight requirement then you are little advanced than me as I started thinking of one Car first, but bought another later. Actually initially I thought I would buy a Car with less budget but it has to be a perfect package Car with look as well. And believe me I thought I found the Car I was looking for when I first looked at Hyundai EON. I have started doing more analysis on that Car and also the other Cars in this segment. And my confusion and options started growing like anything.

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As my research started expanding I have started exploring various facts of a Hatchback Car. Gradually I came to know that EON is not the Car which may fulfill my driving and comfort expectations. But moving to the upper segment means I have to increase my budget as well. Then someone told me to buy a second hand Car which will be under my budget and I can buy my desired Car also. But very soon I have discovered many facts of a Used car and dropped the idea of buying a Used car. You can read my story of not buying a second hand Car.

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So, me and my family decided to own the stylish and trusted brand Honda and feeling really proud with the decision. Then the day came when I took the test drive of the car and finish the formality. You might be thinking what kind of a guy I am, as without doing a test drive I have finalized the car. Actually this is not the fact. I already had test drive of Honda BRIO with my family but with a driver. So the 2nd test was most important for me as I myself drove the Car. And trust me I was speechless with the 10 minute drive. You can read about my test drive experience in the below article.

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I have decided to go with the SMT version although it will cost me 35K more with all including insurance and accessories. Earlier I was deciding about BRIO EXMT version but later I opted the BRIO SMT version. Again this is a long story how I decided between this 2 versions and why I went for the SMT version. To get some context you can read the below 2 articles.

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Next part in this story is the finance part. I have decided to go with SBI Car Loan and taken 3.5 lakhs for 7 years with an EMI of Rs around Rs 6000.00 per month. Again I wrote a separate article on my SBI Car Loan experience.

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Finally I came into the last chapter of this journey where I have to prepare myself for the Pre-Inspection of the Car before delivery date. The salesman was not accepting my request for a pre-inspection as generally they don't allow such things. They will explain everything on the delivery day and this is the way it is happening with every customer. But I did not agree with him and then took a date for the pre-inspection. But on that day I had to suffer as I was doing something different as per the situation.

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The D Day - Delivery Day
Finally the day arrived, it's a Sunday morning. And it's an auspicious day in which generally you should take a Car delivery, according to my family. Anyway we reached to showroom at 11 AM with my wife and kid. We were very excited to see our RED Brio standing outside the showroom. One person was giving final touch. The salesman was attending another customer so he requested us to sit for a while. After few minutes he came and greet us with a Honda congratulation kit which had chocolates, a flower and few documents. He handed that to my kid, he was very happy. Then we went outside where a pandit came and did the puja of the Car. He kept 4 lemon under each wheel and ask me to start the Car and take little forward. Finally we had a photo session with the big Honda good luck key in my kid's hand. He explained couple of things and also answered all my remaining queries. Finally all drama finished and we all boarded to the Car and started our dream journey. I was little nervous as I was driving the New Car with family for the first time. I will write about my first 1 hour driving experience in a separate post, so far it was a wonderful drive and we reached home with our new family member.

my honda brio ownership review

So, that's all about my love-story which I think covers all the aspects of a complete journey to buy a New Car for an emotional Indian like me. But this is not the end of my excitement as I am hoping to document and share my all beautiful moments and experiences (My first service, My first long-drive etc.) in coming days.

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