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My Pre Purchase Inspection Experience with Pride Honda Dealers

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Sunday, June 29, 2014

pre delivery inspection
Pre purchase inspection is a very important part of Buying a New Car. I have done a thorough research and study and list out the to do things for my Honda Brio's pre purchase inspection. You can find the great and useful articles on Pre-Delivery Inspection ( team-bhp.com and theautomotiveindia.com) where you will find very exhaustive analysis. But in reality I had a different experience although. I will share about that in this article. Before proceeding with my experience I would like to share few things which many experts may not agree, but in ground level that is truth.

When I read those big articles, I was inspired like anything and prepared myself as an inspector as I was going to scrutiny my car to match with what the dealer is promised to give me. I did not take the print out of that pdf file that theautomotiveindia.com has prepared as I was feeling little awkward to check these 20-30 items over there in front of the sales guy as he has explained many times to me. In fact by the time I have came know most of the things by regular research. Anyway I have prepared my own list where I think I still need some clarification and need to cross-check. On that day we called the salesman and he told to visit another showroom which is near to our house for the inspection by 2 PM. And also we have to make sure that we will reach to the delivery showroom to finish the formalities like remaining payment, Car loan documentations etc.

We reached there with lots of hope and excitement to see our new kid, but when we reached there they are showing a red car and saying you can check this one as your one is yet to come in our showroom from the other location. Then a scene created where all of us involved and after 20 minutes we discovered due to some confusion they brought another Car, not the one booked for us. By the time it killed enough time for us as we have to go to another branch for formalities. So dropped the plan of inspecting and left for the other branch. At the time of leaving the manager told that they will send the car to  other showroom by the time we finish other formalities. Anyway here we have selected the seat covers and also got few details and demo of accessories.

After reaching to the main branch we thought of showing some aggression to the sales guy, but he himself read the situation and cool us down by his skills. Anyway we got that generally most people don't do such inspection here as earlier also showroom people were saying that on the day of delivery you will get 100% demo and explanation of everything. Then we proceed with the remaining formalities and close the transaction. After that they told that they will deliver the car after 2 days and as per request it was decided that we will have our first Honda in our family on 22/06/2014 that is Sunday morning.

Although my inspection experience was not at all as I thought, may be due to lot of confusion of improper planning and understanding. Or you can say I really trusted the sales man the way he explained and handled every situation during the entire purchase. Anyway I think inspection is very good thing which you should also try before you car's final delivery. You can request for that in case dealer say like they will provide detailed demo on the delivery. This sort of research will open your eye in many way and you will feel that you have come more close to your car.

So according to me this entire journey alerted me and educated me well before reaching the delivery day. I think you should ask about questions on delivery day or on inspection day. And before visiting the showroom for the first time I think you should prepare with all your questions and check-list so that you can clear your doubts gradually in every visit till your delivery day. If you plan for a single day for inspection, then it might fail like happened for me. But as I was researching from a long time and kept bugging them with all my queries in every visit, So for me I did not take that pre-inspection visit that seriously.

But still few things/questions I discovered on that day of Inspection which I have listed below :-
  1. What is the manufacturing month & year
  2. How much KM its showing : For my car it was 26 km only
  3. Tyre have enough air or not
  4. Accessory doubt if any (I asked for Defogger, rear parking censor etc)
  5. Spare key, Spare Wheel, first aid kit etc
  6. All promised accessories are there or not
  7. How to operate all the buttons of function etc
  8. How to check Trip data (distance, mileage etc) and how to play with that
I think every individual is the best person to create his/her own list of doubt as many may know most the things and new Car lover may not have much idea about all such things.