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Should I Buy a New Car or Used Car ~ How I overcome this problem

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Saturday, July 18, 2015

If you are thinking to buy a car, then lots of questions may be coming to your mind like is it better to buy a used or new car, should I buy new car or used car etc. Buying a New car vs Used car, is not all a straight forward discussion. Everyone has their own view to buy either a used car or a new car, so I am.

I found it really tough to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car. I have asked many of my friends who already have their own cars, but surprised to hear their reasons. Before proceeding further, I think one should read an useful car buying checklist first.

Initially I was convinced to buy a second hand car, following one of my friend. He bought a used Hyundai i10, 3 years back at the price of 2 lakh. And recently he sold the same to someone at same price, and bought a new Volkswagen Polo.

New car vs Used car

I was almost convinced, as it was not only solved my problem of money, but also gave me another option to change my car in future. But I was not able to stand with my decision further.

New car vs Used car - What people think?

I tried to generalize the views of different people in couple of points. Let's see which one you are supporting.

Friend 1 : As you are a new learner, you should go for a second hand car. Take any of Alto or Santro or i10 and learn the driving first. It will cost you 1-2 lakh now which you can manage easily. Later on when you are confident enough, buy a new car by selling the old one.
You can visit Maruti true value and spend few buck more to buy a trusted second hand car, in case you don't feel comfortable to buy a second hand car from an un-known person.

Friend 2: Never buy a Second hand Car, as it's already used by someone else. And you never know how the car is from inside, means it's engine and other parts. Although you can take an experienced mechanic along with you to check the car before buying, but still he can not provide 100% guarantee. But if it is a new car you don't have to think about any sort of technical problem, as company will take care of all service related tensions.

My learning: Initial few days I surfed a lot in olx, quikr and even in company websites for a second hand car. Most people are selling their cars after squeezing them, means almost 60,000 KM driven and 8-9 years old at-least, even more, if you try for a price range up to 2 lakh.

Even I have contacted few car owners and met them too, but from their hurriedness to put that old car on my head, force me to think more. In fact I found few good cars also, but they are asking for 3.5-4 lakhs which is again no meaning for me as I could go for a brand new car with that price

After one week of day and night surfing and few failed meetings, I decided to visit few established second hand or used car sales showroom, e.g. Maruti TrueValue. There I found that ,Cars are quoted more than 50-60 K higher than outside market price.

Those salesmen were very efficient to convince you to buy the old cars. In-fact I found a Skoda Fabia @ 3 lakhs in Maruti true value showroom which really put me in trouble to decide. I was thinking that, I can own a Skoda @ 3 lakhs...wow!!

When I stepped into the Used Skoda Car, it smelled completely different. Means it's not the smell of a new Car off-course, but seems like the smell of someone already used this car. Means you have to feel the presence of old owner or whatever you want to understand.

Anyway for me it is one of the big reason I quit this decision of buying a second hand car. I have decided that day, whatever car it will be, I will buy a brand new car only.

I know there are many technical reasons to take the decision between buying a new car vs used car, from that point also, new car is far better. If you are able to spend 2 lakh, then better manage rest of the money by taking a car loan. But better to go with a brand new car only, as per my experience.

So, decide yourself and also share your thoughts on this topic of buying a New Car Vs Used car.