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Honda Brio vs Maruti Swift petrol ~ A tough competition

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

honda brio vs maruti swift petrol
Comparing Maruti Suzuki Swift with any other car of this segment may not be fare according to many people, as Swift is the King of this segment. But I don't agree with that 100%, again the reason is not that I am a Brio owner. I am not questioning about Swift, but if you really want to compare the parameters and then want to make a decision then you will also agree with me. Both the Cars are perfect in build and performance, but if you are person who is not able to decide which one to choose then this post may help you to decide. For me  it was the budget which came in first point, where I found the Top version of Honda Brio is 50-60K cheaper than Maruti Swift. This is a straight forward deciding factor for me between this 2 Cars as rest all features are almost similar. But still we will try to put both the Car head to Head and prepare a simple table to decide which one is best.

Honda Brio
Maruti Swift
Length (mm)
So its clear that Swift is bigger than Brio from Dimension. In such a case taking a Turn is much easier for Brio than Swift.
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Displacement (cc)
Fuel Type
Here Swift lover can go for Diesel variant also, but for Brio this is a big Drawback. Honda may launch a Diesel variant soon to compete with Diesel hatchback models.
Max Power (bhp@rpm)
87 @ 6000
85 @ 6000
Here Brio may win the battle, but both the Cars are equally powerful when it matters to performance, fuel economy etc.
Max Torque (Nm@rpm)
109 @ 4500
114 @ 4000
Mileage (ARAI) (kmpl)
Folding Rear Seat
This I really don't like for Swift. This feature should be must as you can increase your boot-space whenever require
Adjustable Head-rests
Front &Rear
I really like this feature in Swift as I am missing this one in my Brio.
Rear Wiper
Brio doesn't have rear wiper, which may be a problem in heavy rainy season. But Honda is claiming that the design is such that it will not be an issue. In case of foggy situation, defogger will be handy. In this case Swift is well equipped.
Music System
2 Din with 4 speakers
2 Din with 6 speakers
Swift has 2 extra speakers with CD player in-build in the music system which is a real powerful audio system. Look wise also Swift's music system matches more suitably with the dark Dashboard. While in Brio the dashboard is dual colored with a smaller Audio system beautifully merged in that.
Boot Space
I don't think there is any point to discuss about the boot space as both are almost same. This extra 30lt will not make much difference for Swift, but yes for Swift boot space is more.

Look and Style: From look and style point of view I think Honda Brio is straight away winner here. Swift's look is quite old fashioned, where you can find a fresh & new compact design in Brio. If you compare the interior you can find a premium feel with ample space inside Brio, but in Swift you can see the classy touch. One thing I want share here that, when I am driving or have parked the Car somewhere I can see people are staring at my Car. Even couple of people asked me which Car is this one? This feels really good as a Brio owner.

Brand and Resale Value: Many of my friends told me that Swift has a better re-sale value. I think you can't compare which has a better value as both the Car has it's own place in the market. Honda is renowned for it's best performance engine, driving quality and a perfect package. In the other hand Maruti is popular for it's wide network, low maintenance character. So I think both the Car is equally valuable from re-sale point of view. Honda Brio is a completely new Car but Swift is already flooded in the market. So you can easily find a Swift as a second hand Car while getting a Honda Brio may be a little tough.

After Sales Service (ASS) and Maintenance: There is no doubt that Maruti has the largest network spread in India. If you are in any trouble with your Swift a road-side mechanic also can check your Swift and spare parts are also available very easily at  the cheapest price. When it comes for Honda they are also well spread but definitely there can not be any comparison with Maruti from service center network point of view. Both the cars are low maintenance Cars while Honda will be costly in case you have to replace some parts. But technology wise Honda is much more reliable and you can enjoy a hassle free driving for a long time. I will say Swift will be the winner here if ASS is a real concern for you.

Attitude: This is an extra point I would like to add in this article which  I found during my research. The Maruti sales guys were completely un-friendly and they hardly bother what customer is looking for. The situation in Maruti showroom was like: Customers are already impressed with Swift and they will buy it due to Maruti factor. So they are reluctant to attend a fresh customer with the way they are expecting. On the other hand, Honda is really smart enough the way they will welcome you. You will feel the premium care when they will provide you the brochure of the car you are looking for. Their sales persons are well trained and they know exactly what customers are looking and accordingly they are answering all their queries allowing them to get enough time to know the Car. I really liked the attitude, but this may not be a parameter for everyone to decide the car you want to buy.

Price comparison for the Petrol versions:

Maruti Suzuki Petrol Price Details (Ex Showroom Price in Hyderabad)
LXi 5,32,910
VXi 5,84,660
ZXi 6,80,363

Honda Brio Petrol Price Details (Ex Showroom Price in Hyderabad)
EMT 4,83,563
EXMT 5,06,085
SMT 5,43,045
VMT 5,93,633
VXMT 6,26,551
VXAT 7,15,486

You can see that Brio Automatic is just costing 35K extra than the Swift Top end version, when the manual Top end Brio is cheaper than 60K from Swift. So if you are looking for a high performance car with lower budget then Honda Brio is best choice.

So the final verdict here:
Swift is the best Car in the Hatchback segment with a low-maintenance, cheapest after sales service, excellent fuel efficiency, a new sporty look. But this look is outdated now with many new launches in this segment. Maruti should think about Swift's exterior and interior look to enhance further and give birth to a new hunk as Swift has already created a huge fan follower.

On the other hand, Honda Brio is one of the compact designed, perfectly premium looking Car in this Segment. Not only that you will feel the Honda technology while driving the car, which is simply fun and unique experience. The car is significantly cheaper than Maruti Swift and also look wise way forward than Swift. As a Brio owner I feel Honda Brio can be a big game changer for Honda in coming days.

Now it's over to you, Please share your views and experiences and make this article useful for readers.