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How to park your car uphill or Downhill ~ Tip learned from real life incident

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Parking your car uphill and downhill is one of the toughest job for a newbie driver. Generally in India all parking spots are not ideal. If you take your Car to a shopping mall then you will get a standard parking spot. But if you go to a local park, hospital or any tourism place then you can see that authorities are using an empty place as a parking. Now that place could be a un even place with lots of place little uphill or Downhill type. Now here the problem starts as you have to keep the Car as a tilt position. Generally most of us will answer like we can pull the hand-break and the Car will stand automatically. In fact I have the same knowledge till I face my first horrible Break-Fail incident.

Tips to park your car uphill or Downhill

Generally when we pull the hand-break and keep the Car in uphill, the entire weight of the Car is trying to pull the Car down. Now in such a case, if you forget the pull the hand-break at its maximum then this break might get failed. And Car will come down and then what will happen everyone knows. To avoid these accidents we can follow below two tips I found from few of my expert friends

1) Pull the Car's Hand-Break with complete power, but remember you are not going to break it. Then put the gear on first when parking on a up-hill or reverse if it is a down-hill and then stop the Car. In such a case if Hand-break fail due the first gear on the Car may not fall freely. It will stop the damage.
2) One more thing you have to do is the tyre direction. If it is a up-hill then you have to turn the front wheel towards curb, so that even vehicle moves, it should move towards curb and stop the car. And for the down-hill in a similar way.
3) Point is after doing the point one only. To make it more safe put a brick or some stone after each rear wheels to stop the Car moving down in case break fail.
4) Try to avoid such places and look for a even place to avoid complete risk.

So you might have read my story of that horror incident. If I could heard these tips and tricks before from my expert friends earlier, I could save my Car from this pain. Now I have to see the Broken Rear light with few scratches as I may not fix them immediately. I hope you will keep this facts in mind and consider all measures to keep your Car safe.

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