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7 points why honda mobilio could be a game changer in its segment

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Friday, July 18, 2014

The Auto sector is really growing large in India and we can easily identify that with the new launches happening by various global Car Makers every year. In this article we will discuss about the new MPV in Honda family which is able to be in breaking news with lot of expectations. It's Honda's first MPV in India, Mobilio. Here we will find why Honda Mobilio will be the best MPV for your family and also can Mobilio be the game changer for Honda in India in this Segment where Innova is dominating from long time? Let's find out few points to justify ourselves.

1) Mileage : First point everyone want to know about any car in India is "Kitna Deti He?" means Mileage. As this is a big family car I would like to consider the diesel variant only as there is no point to talk about petrol cars and their fuel efficiency. As per ARAI Honda Mobilio 1.5 Lt I-DTEC Diesel engine expected to provide a mileage of 24.2 km/lt which is far better than current topper Maruti Ertiga. Ertiga 1.3 lt diesel variant deliver 20.77 km.lt. So straight away you will be able to differentiate this car from others without a single doubt. In fact petrol version of mobilio is also providing the best mileage among the segment.

Honda Mobilio Review

2) Space and Interiors: Although you will not find huge difference from inside space compare to other MPVs, but there is no doubt that the cabin space in Mobilio has done perfectly to accommodate 7 people comfortably. The interiors are similar to Brio and Amaze with dual-tone color. You can feel the premium feel inside the cabin which may lack in Ertiga and Innova.

3) Built and Design: Again this point straight away goes to Mobilio as Maruti and Toyota does not provide much importance to the look and feel which we already knew. But as we all know Honda has left no stone un-turned when the topic is look and finishing. You can feel the Brio from front-end. The exterior design from front to back is very stylish with various curves.

4) Power and Engine: If you compare the technical specifications of Mobilio with Ertiga and Innova then you can understand that Mobilio is the clear winner in this section also. Mobilio's 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine will produce 99bhp and 200Nm, while the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine delivers even better performance with 117bhp and 145Nm of torque. And regarding Engine performance we all know Honda for its Engine only. They are the market's most trusted brand when it comes to Engine performance and  driving quality.

5) Made for Indian conditions: We all know our roads are full of patches and pot-wholes in which driving a car is a real test everyday. So for such a driving condition Honda has cleverly build Mobilio by providing a ground clearance of 189 mm which is the highest compare to others in this segment. Now this will easily handle bad-roads and provide a good driving comfort.

6) Pricing: Now this is another point which will force people to think before the approach other MPVs. You can check out the Price comparison with the other 2 popular MPVs.

Honda Mobilio
INR 6.24 - 7.9 Lakhs (expected)
INR 7.2 - 9 Lakhs (expected)
Toyota Innova
INR 10.65 – 14.35 Lakhs
INR 11.14 – 15.52 lakhs
Maruti Ertiga
INR 6.43 – 7.99 Lakhs
INR 7.94 – 9.28 Lakhs

Although Maruti will be priced very close to Mobilio, but when you compare as a package then you will realize the price quoted for Mobilio is really attracting.

7) The most trusted brand: This point will tell a customer about the after sale experience. As a brand Honda has proved its part by providing many out-performers in every segment like Brio, Amaze, City and now it's Mobilio. You will own a product from a brand who does not compromise on quality. Their Engine is the best when it comes to driving comfort and easiness. You will feel the premium quality and driving comfort even if you have to pay more than other brands. And if you have not yet check out the Mobilio commercials done by Comedy Night's king Kapil Sharma the check out them now. You will take a foot step ahead for this beautiful car.

So few more days left to hit Mobilio in Indian roads. Already Mobilio booking has started, you can also find more information on Mobilio official website launched by Honda recently. Share your experiences and view on this topic if any.