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Pragati Resorts Hyderabad Route Map ~ Price & Driving Experience

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Saturday, August 2, 2014

IT was a Saturday cloudy morning and just 1st week of my Honda Brio ownership Experience. In-fact first week end with my BRIO and I was thinking to do something exciting. And definitely it could be a long drive near to city. Then I called up my friends and shared my thoughts, immediately they also agreed and we made a plan to visit Pragati Resorts, near to Chilkur Balaji temple Hyderabad. So let's find out the Pragati Resorts Hyderabad Route Map, price & other details.

Pragati Resorts Hyderabad Price

This post is not about the details of Pragati Resort, but more about the drive I enjoy with my family. But we have not started immediately as my wife had some doctor's appointment in Jubilli hills. On that occasion one of my friend join us with his Hyundai Verna. After Doctor's visit we set in a restaurant and had an awesome South-Indian breakfast. There we called another friend, who is also a Brio owner and shared our Pragati Resort trip. Finally we all agreed to meet at Outer Ring Road (OOR Hyderabad) near Gachibowli flyover by 11:00 AM.

As usual we met near OOR by 12:00 PM to start our journey to Pragati Resort. Me, my wife and kid were really excited as this was our first long day trip. With 2 Red Brio and 1 Verna we started for the destination Pragati Resort. Driving on outer Ring Road was simply awesome. First time I put the 5th gear on and reach 80+ speed. The Car was simply flying on the road. I was not comfortable to go up further when my friends were left me behind. Actually they were driving from 6-7 months and at the same I am just a newbie. Anyway I was satisfied with the speed and feel so far. 

Check the two red Brios together (coincidentally my friend also owns a red Brio :) )

Pragati Resorts Hyderabad Route Map

We crossed the first toll-booth and then started further. As per plan first we had took the Himayat Sagar Dam road to have that view. After 20-25 min we took the left side from OOR and come out of OOR for Himayat Sagar Dam road. It was an awesome place with plenty of fresh air. We stopped there and took few snaps. My kid had some chips, Juice and get refreshed. We spend 20 min there and enjoyed the view and the ambiance. Then we started again for Pragati Resort. As per our knowledge we had to travel max 45 KM and we thought almost 20 KM done by the time, so hardly 30-40 min left to reach the Resort. Although road at the end is not good.

Blue Line : Longest route we took

Red Line : Chilkur Route, the shortest one

pragati resorts route map But after Himayat Sagar we had to take the Chilkur Balaji temple road. But mistakenly we took the Chevalla road. But without knowing that we were enjoying driving like anything as the road was really very good. But after 40-45 KM of driving we took a break to check how far we reached. Suddenly we discovered we took a long route instead of the shortest one. Whatever it was we can't take a back now. By the time to make this journey exciting it started raining. We ran into our Car and started taking that road only.

Interestingly when we left OOR, it was a 4 lane road. Then we took Chevalla road which was a 2 lane road. After reaching Chevalla we have to take a single lane road which was full of pot-wholes. As a new driver I was doing lot of blunders while handling these pot-wholes. I hit my Brio in some of them very badly in pace as well. Anyway it was a real terrific experience as in this lane Trucks, Buses and other vehicles are also coming from other side. Seems like I was heading towards a country side. This last part was around 8 KMs but it took most of the time. Finally we reached Pragati Resort by 1:45 PM after driving around 65 KM. We all were too tired and hungry as we were 1 hour delay for this long route.

Anyway we enjoyed the day there and started again by 6:30 PM for Home. We discovered the actual route but we did not take that route while back home as it was not known to us. And no one was ready to discover a new road in the evening. So we decided to follow that long route again. It took lesser time while returning back as we skipped that Himayat Sagar road and took OOR early to save few KMs. By 7:15 PM we touched city traffic. By 8:00 PM we reached home.

Total KM Traveled: Around 120 KM
Mileage as per Meter : 15.7 km/l

It was really a satisfied trip and a long drive for me as I learned many things about driving and also feel the excitement of driving at night while returning back. My kid slept while back and now he is active after reaching home, but me & my wife were too tired. 

I will share about Pragati Resort activities and various details I got in a separate article soon.