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Is it Dead Pedal or Smart Pedal ~ Confusion Explained

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hyundai has recently launched i20 elite version. In that Hyundai is claiming that they have added many attracting and luxury features to make your car complete. When I checked the Hyundai website one thing struck in my mind in the interiors segment. It's the Smart Pedal technology. Later when I researched I found it's nothing new but off course new for the hatchback cars in India. But the image they put shows that the smart pedal is the pedal area where we can find an extra pedal in the left-most side besides the clutch. I was confused initially but later I came to know that this is nothing but only a dead-pedal to rest your feet. So in this post I will try to explain more about these 2 features in the pedal-zone of a car.
smart pedal in hyundai i20 vs dead pedal

What is a Dead-Pedal?
Dead-Pedal is nothing but an extra inclined pedal which is fitted just besides the clutch. The purpose is to put driver’s feet on that to take rest. Generally in a heavy traffic or a long drive many people find it tough to handle their left leg as frequently he/she has to change the clutch and then take rest. But is it really beneficial for a driver? Many people including me think that it's not that useful as it will reduce the space in that zone. If you want to stretch your legs then you will not be able to do that. Mostly in a highway you hardly change the clutch frequently, in such a scenario this may not be much beneficial. May this part should come with a removable or adjustable option as well, so that it can be adjusted according to driver's need.

What is a Smart-Pedal?
Now this is a really good thing to have in your car. Mostly in a hurry, drivers use to press accelerator instead of brake, when brake is required. For a learner this is like a nightmare as I have just passed those days. Even experts do mistakes sometimes if they continue driving for long hours. Anyone can do mistakes, it's natural. Now the beauty of this smart-pedal is when you press both the brake and accelerator it will activate a system which will nullify the accelerator and apply only brake. This way you can avoid the risk of an un-wanted accident.

So the point of this article is to explain more about dead-pedal and smart-pedal and explaining how they are different from each other. The picture in Hyundai's website is trying to show the pedal area where you can see the dead-pedal. Anyway both the car parts are not that useful regularly in case you are not a newbie driver, but it's always good to equip your car 100% with all the safety features.

I would like to request car owners who really experienced these 2 parts and share some facts and usefulness and also experience with our readers. Thanks in advance.