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UnderBody Coating for New Cars - Is it Required?

Posted by Honda Brio Review, On Road Price in India & Travel Story on Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recently during my Brio's first service I came to know about this UnderBody coating for Cars. The service person was able to convince me for this rust protection coating as I am a newbie Car owner in this auto world. But is underbody coating necessary for new cars like my Brio? To find out the proper answer I have asked few TEAM-BHP experts as well as my other friends and then I have disclosed many facts, although it was too late for me :(

UnderBody Coating for New Cars necessary

Why underbody coating for Cars is necessary?

Generally the basic need of anti rust coating for cars is to save your vehicles under body parts from rust. We all know at what conditions rust happens in metal part. So it is pretty simple that if you live in a place where weather is humid, rainy or sea-shore then the chance of rust formation is high. If you live in a dry area and also don't use car too much then under-body coating may not be necessary for your car. But if you travel a lot and overcome water & muddy roads frequently then your car's under-body get chance to form rust. In that case it's better to go with the rust prevention coating.

Car Underbody Coating Cost

For me Honda dealer took Rs 3600 + 400 service tax, Total 4000/- for underbody rust protection coating which is very high. Generally dealer tries to push customers to do that during first service. But you can also incorporate that one, while buying the car as an accessory, if you are aware of that. If not then you have to spend extra amount for that. Outside Car showroom I think anti-rust coating will cost 1500-2000 max. 3M underbody coating cost you around 2k with 3 yrs warranty & 3.5 k with 5 yrs warranty.

Is Underbody coating for Cars waste of money?

It depends on how you take this point individually. If you ask me, I will not say it’s a waste of money as it costs 4000 only. I considered it as an extra precaution for my new Brio and for that, 4000 is not a big amount. But yes I could have done that outside the showroom and save Rs 2000. Now if you are too practical about your car needs then I might have wasted my money as underbody rust protection coating is not at all required for my Brio in Hyderabad. I will leave this point like this to all the readers to share their views as it will vary person to person.

I hope I have covered basic points and explanations about UnderBody Coating for Cars with my experience so that it can help you to decide whether underbody coating necessary for new car or not.